Monday, 20 April 2009

Villa Garcia, La Coruna

This was a very special day: in the early morning, when it was still completly dark outside, we came to Spain again and went to the small harbour of Villa Garcia - but just to set out roughly half of our passengers, wich went on an overland-excursion with busses. The Fram left again and rounded the western cape of Spain, Cape Finisterre. While we had some lectures about the great norwegian heroes wich built the old Fram over a century ago and conquered both polar regions with that splendid ship, the shoreparty was on a pilrimage to Santiago de Compostella, one of Europes most famous Pilgrim-citys, where they stayed for some hours to visit the cathedral and explore the old town. In the evening they were picked up again by the Fram in the harbour of La Coruna.

View of Santiagos cathedral

The Fram on its way to La Coruna