Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Once the Panama Canal opened in 1914 there wasn't much of a need for sailing vessels to "round the Horn". Still, rounding the Horn is a major nautical achievement and a piece of mariner's history. It is a "must see" piece of real estate if the chance presents itself. Given our fair weather we were able to alter our course and head directly for Cape Horn. Not only did we have excellent views of the famous rock but we cruised from the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific Ocean and then back into the Atlantic again. We truly rounded the Horn.
Our day was filled with lectures and the routines of preparing to disembark Fram: packing, retrieving our passports and reviewing our ongoing travel arrangements.
Our photographer Camille Seaman showed a delightful photographic recap of our adventures in Antarctica.
We have been moved by the Icey Continent. At times our contact with nature has been nearly overwhelming. None of us will forget our adventures. We have made new friends. We will be sad to leave Fram. But if we are sad upon departing Fram and Antarctica, doesn't that mean we had a perfect holiday?