Saturday, 13 November 2010

Crossing the mythical barrier

After our departure from Drygalski Fjord last night we headed into rather agitated seas, only to wake up to a beautiful calm sunny day with 550 miles to go to Elephant Island.  During such a quiet day it was amazing to think that 94 and 1/2 years ago we would have encountered Shackelton and his men on this route heading the other way.

For some, the early part of the day was filled with relaxation on deck 7, while others headed to another interesting round of lectures focusing on Antarctic issues.

Towards lunch time the mood of the sea changed and the mist started to coat the wind swept waves.  The seas cooled markedly by almost 3 degrees Celsius and together with the fog indicated to everyone on the FRAM that we had arrived at this mythical barrier that separates the Antarctic region from the rest of the world: the Antarctic Convergence.

 Throughout the day the expedition team worked diligently to create a series of tantalizing questions that made up the ultimate FRAM evening quiz.  Over 100 people competed for the title of 'best lecture attendance' and in the process learned and re-learned fascinating tid-bits about the Southern Ocean, Antarctica and the teaming life that can be found there.  Guided by our two honorable judges, the day ended in a relaxed atmosphere in our observation lounge wondering what new exciting things tomorrow will bring.