Thursday, 22 September 2011

An empty ship is a busy ship

Bergen, the city which is said to be the most buzzing, the most historical - and the rainiest town in Norway. After three days in port, everybody clearly confirms that Bergen is fully living up to this reputation. However, there is no way not to like it. We all wish to spend more time. 
But, alas, we are not on holiday. There is a million things to be done, not a single department on the vessel remains untouched. Starting from bottom to top: The engine get's maintained and double-checked, the car deck is a maze of pallets, boxes and mysterious objects that we receive, big and small from luggage labels over jackets, spare parts up to entire Polar Cirkel Boats. There is a mountain of new cabin mattresses arriving, replacing the previous ones. Light bulbs get changed, the elevators overhauled, legions of external cleaning staff is dealing with every single corner in cabins, corridors, restaurant and lounge, even the leather of all the armchairs gets a brandnew finish. While FRAM takes in huge amounts of fuel and food, her outside gets the same thorough treatment.
Invisible for most is the complete renewal of some electronic and computer systems, many specialists are spending the whole days in front of their makeshift laboratory, in order to equip FRAM with a new and faster internet connection, telephone system and much more.
Certainly the crowning piece is the new satellite antenna, big as a lifeboat, that is carefully put on top of our ship, on a tailor-made steel mount that could carry a truck. And behold - we have internet! 
So, now we are waiting for arriving staff members - and our new guests. Tonight we will sail out for Scotland.
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