Friday, 23 December 2011

Georgia on my mind

Georgia, oh Georgia… Not quite the same Georgia the song aludes to, but everyone on board had it on their their minds today: we’re heading towards South Georgia. And that entails some preparations, which we began today. For a start, we explained our passengers the Antarctic code of conduct they have to follow, and we also vacuum-cleaned our backpacks and other gear to minimize the risk of introducing seeds, bugs and other biological aliens to these far-away lands.

We did all the preparations in relative calm, because we were lucky to have the wind blowing from astern: that is, from behind, which means we’re making very good progress with the help of the winds, and we’re not rocking too much, which is always a welcome thing.

Calm seas also meant the Captain invited several guests to visit the bridge, where he explained how to operate a rather complicated piece of machinery: MS Fram.

Pretty much all day long, we were also treated to the majestic flight of wandering albatrosses following the ship – a fantastic background scenery against which to enjoy a beautifully aromatic cup of tea and start preparing emotionally to arriving to the Jewel of the South, and maybe take part –weather permitting- in the Shackleton walk we want to make with our passengers, following the last epic leg of the famous adventurer’s hike from Fortuna Bay to Stromness. Definitely, Georgia on my mind…