Thursday, 29 November 2012


Fram found its place in the midst of the slightly crowded harbour of Ushuaia early in the morning. After the last passenger group had left the ship for some local sightseeing tours and further travelling the ship’s crew did the tremendous job again to tidy up the whole ship within just a few hours.

They are all used to these routines but seeing it from a visitor’s perspective you would probably turn a bit dizzy trying to keep an overview of all the activities in every corner of the ship. Bed linen and towels are moved out of the roughly 130 cabins, new supplies arrive at the ship and are stowed away, all public areas are cleaned as well all cabins, fuel is delivered to the ship, cabins are prepared for the new passengers, luggage arrives and is immediately checked and distributed to the cabins. Crew and staff members rush around and as always, right on the spot, everything is ready when the first bus arrives with new passengers.  
Check in, medical information, hand out of expedition jackets, everywhere a smile and assistance for the new guests. And after the mandatory safety drill we left at 18:30 for a new Antarctic Adventure. Closely observed by the Dolphin Gulls in the harbor.