Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sailing in good company

During the last two days we were sailing through a zone with upwelling waters and as we had a little more wind at the same time we were companied by more sea birds, Masked Boobies, Brown Boobies and Frigate Birds. It was so nice to watch them when they were diving for fishing or catching the flying fish. But it was also very interesting to see how the Frigate Birds used the Masked Boobies as their slaves. They developed a special technic to get the fish the Boobies caught before.

It was so hot outside that we could not sit there the whole day. Most of us used the opportunity to listen to another lecture, this time about the marine ecosystem, between. The crew had to listen to another lecture in the second lecture hall. Every morning they are taught in another topic, by the ship’s doctor, the 1.Officer or Safety Officer. So the crew is really busy the whole day with their maintenances and school lessons.

The evenings we spent outside on the open decks, enjoying the BBQ and talking to the other passengers. That was also the time when the crew started to relax. It was wonderful to see how much fun they had in the evenings with their Karaoke singing, group games or only sitting in the bar, feeling a little bit like passengers, as they do not have this possibility on other cruises.