Saturday, 18 May 2013

Good Bye, Lenin – grad

An exciting day in an overwhelming city and again sunshine which was surprising because there are only 60 sunny days in the year. Do you know that the famous Hermitage housed more than 3 Million paintings? Unbelievable! It would take years to look at all of them. Also the palaces and residences seem to be countless, nearly in every street in the old part of the town, the area between Newa and Fontanka, stand these beautiful buildings. St. Petersburg is the city of images and impressions, the city of wealth, opulence and decadence, the city of baroque style, classicism, art nouveau and soviet realism.

Today we went on excursions to the Hermitage, but you hardly can describe the former palace and the collection.

Another visit was in the famous Catherine Palace built by Empress Elizabeth in 1752-1756, well known for the legendary Amber room.

In the afternoon we finished our stay in St. Petersburg with a panoramic tour.

Back on board all of us were tired and happy – and maybe a little bit sorrowful for leaving St. Petersburg the former Leningrad.