Sunday, 22 December 2013


The FRAM is still heading southeasterly and our ride is quite comfortable as we have the winds from astern. Plus the sea surface conditions are moderate and mellow as the waves are not too big and are also approaching the FRAM from the rear. Wandering Albatross, Antarctic Skuas and Wilsons Storm Petrel have accompanied us throughout the day.

As today is Sunday a church service was held onboard. The service was dedicated to the memory of the Norwegian whalers who died at sea. Gone but not forgotten. After the indoor service many of us went on deck for second service which involved lowering a wreath to the sea in memory of the whalers who got a wet grave. The ceremony concluded with the singing of the hymn “Deilig er Jorden” or “Wonderful is the Earth”.

Lectures continued today and we learned about Antarctic seals and biodiversity. As budding historians we listened to talks on the founding of Grytviken by C.A. Larsen over a hundred years ago and recent improvements in the methods for preserving polar buildings. This last site location is on our list of possible sites to visit during our stay at the island of South Georgia. We also learned the geologic history of the Island and the biologic and human history of the Island was presented by Martin Collins, the Chief Executive and Director of Fisheries and the Reverend Richard Hines of the Anglican Church. We are pleased to have them onboard to hear their first-hand knowledge of South Georgia and the biologic and restoration programs that are presently underway.

This evening we have our classic FRAM fashion show and it remains to be seen if these last two eminent gentlemen will join us in this fun-filled event.