Saturday, 8 February 2014

Windy Detaille

We had planned a landing this morning at 0830, but the strong winds didn’t allow us to carry on with it. Detaille is located at the entrance of a deep fjord where the winds are accelerated due to catabatics coming down from the surrounding picks and glaciers. This morning they reached the 35 meters per second, so any attempt was impossible.

The landing was replaced by onboard lectures. We also went out on decks to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Our ships photographer took a group photo of us all and at 1400 we had the visit of King Neptune himself. He welcomed us at the South Polar Circle and baptized many of our passengers by pouring some ice cold water down their backs.

In the afternoon we sailed the west coast of Adelaide Island to reach our next destination for tomorrow: Marguerite Bay, where, if the weather allows it, we plan to do several landings and activities. So cross your fingers for us!