Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Almirante Brown and Cuverville Island

There are those rare days when all comes together- a day when you see icebergs turning, are surrounded by penguins, see a leapard seal catching a penguin- and have humpbacks diving right under your Polar Cirkle boat! You guessed it- it was such a day today!
We spent the morning at Almirante Brown in Paradise Bay. It was great to see the station manned by the Argentines, repair works were done and we had a great time sliding down the hill behind the station- after marvelling the view into the bay. We did a cruise later and the two humpbacks were not bothered at all by our present. How great to come so close, hear them breathing!
And in the afternoon a second landing at Cuverville Island situated in the beautiful Errera Channel. And here it happened- a leopard seal got lucky with a penguin!
Todays pictures were taken by Dennis Prado!