Monday, 26 January 2009

Half Moon and Chinese New Year...

What do Half Moon Island and Chinese New Year have in common? Both happened today!

After calm days in the Drake we reach Half Moon island in the afternoon. This crescent-shaped island is home to quite a large chinstrap penguin rookery. Close by is the usually unmanned Argentine Station of Camara but today we saw a few people over there as well. We had fantastic weather for a first landing and the views to Livingston island were amazing! And not only chinstraps were there but also some fur seals, an elephant seal and Weddell seal could be seen!

And then there is something else happening on board- our lecture hall Polh√łgda has been decorated by our Chinese guests as it is Chinese New Year! It looks absolute fantastic and is an unusal sight: chinese music, food and pictures.

Picture of the day by: Mr Martinus Schuurmans