Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Art of FRAM

After all we have seen, after all we have done, after so many impressions, places, kinds of food, of churches and people it feels rather like a break from the break, a welcome opportunity to take a deep breath and - do nothing.
It is just fine to wake up for breakfast, then sit around on deck or in the lounge, contemplating the time that lies behind us. And as it happens very often: As soon as you divert the eye from the colorful outside, from the many things that are somewhere else, you start discovering what is around you. Have you ever noticed how much love for the detail is in FRAM? Well, then let me show you a bit of the artful decoration that is everywhere on our ship. Walk up the stairs and you will find beautiful copper etchings done by Anne-Birthe Hove, a Greenlandic artist, who dedicated her œvre to the tradition of the people in the north. Even the transparent ends on the handrails are made of frosted glass in the shape of icebergs, each deck in a different color.
Nothing is left to chance, when you go dancing on deck 7, take a look to the black pattern that is laid out in the dancefloor. Not many know that this symbolizes driftwood on the coast of Greenland, coming from Canada, a natural building material that played and still plays a major part in Greenlandic life. Lift your eyes to the ceiling, what do you see? Well-designed lights? OK, what else? If you look at the whole construction you will see that it is imitating the shape of a whale-hunters harpoon, and is of course another dedication to the brave Arctic people that go out in simple kayaks to hunt for their survival. Those who are more into paintings admire the water-colors of Lars Lerin that are on display in the Bistro area and have been created especially for FRAM. Speaking of painting, no one can overlook the huge depiction of an Arctic sunset by Miki Jacobsen, on the way to the restaurant.
As you can see, FRAM is not only a ship, it is a declaration of passionate devotion to the Polar regions.
After a flaming red nightfall - a display of nature's art - there is a gathering in the Lounge to witness the fashion show, an array of little performances to introduce our shop's products. Some present themselves in true top form. Art? Well, that's up to you...