Thursday, 1 April 2010

A brandnew start in Lisbon

Sorry for the little break, fellows, but after a crossing around the world there is so much to do, so much to clean up that there is hardly any chance to take pictures or write stories. Apologies!
But now, hold your breath - we are starting all over.
Lisbon - the westernmost capital of Europe has an undefinable charme, a melange of old seafarer tradition and beautiful city architecture. However, there was hardly any time to take advantage of this fabulous place, the Europe season wanted to be kicked off. After very busy days of painting, maintaining, bunkering, shampooing (the carpets), replacing, FRAM was glinting like new, a pleasure to look at!
So we were more than just ready to receive our new guests this afternoon. And they all arrived on time, sometimes their luggage a little later than expected.
But all is well that ends well, which holds certainly true for this day: After dinner, drill and welcome we finally cast our lines under a glittering sky, warm breezes gently blowing and the lights of Lisbon slowly disappearing behind us.
Now this is certainly a change - after months and months under a Southern Cross, which was invisible most  of the time since we were too close to the Polar Circle, we are enjoying deep dark nights, guided by the Big Dipper and the Polar Star. Europe, here we come!