Sunday, 20 June 2010


Our photographer Camille Seaman had to be very patient today- right when starting her lecture there was a call from the bridge: „Polar bear ahead“! Everyone is outside- but now the Polar bear seems to be hiding! After a few moments he appears again- looking curiously for a moment towards the ship but then going on with his business in stealing eggs and just ignoring our presence! What a sight here in Bellsund! Once we had enough time photographing, MV Fram goes on and Stine and Gro have finally time to introduce us to their world of the birds.

Today’s landing site was situated in the area of Van Keulenfjord. Our landing beach is called „Kvitfiskstranda“- the „White whale beach“. Whale bones, put into piles along the beach, are a clear sign of the former whaling activity. A hut called Bamsebu is now privately owned but still reminds of how life was for the whalers and trappers. Long nails, with the sharp end facing outwards, are proof that you always should think about polar bears! Today we are guided around in groups which give a great insight of the whaling history. We pass by the bleached Beluga bones at the beach and have a nice stroll towards the old wooden rowing boats that are still lying at the beach. It is a calm afternoon, reindeer are moving in the area, there are many eider ducks and the little auks seem to have found a home in the mountains.

There is a lot to take in during a day! And in the evening, the galley guys show what to make out of melons, pineapple- and ice! Those carvings always look so easy to do- until you try it at home!