Monday, 7 June 2010

ISFJORDEN - and farewell

Sunday 6th of June

Today we sailed in Isfjorden, and this was a good name for this fjord today, because in the beginning we met a lot of drifting ice. There were six lectures before lunch all together, and while Marta was talking about coal production in Svalbard, we actually passed the Russian settlement, Barentsburg and saw the black smoke from the coal power station there.

After lunch captain Rune Andreassen and his crew invited for a farewell coctail in Panorama Lounge, deck 7.

The cottage in Skansebukta. And some purple saxifragas. Photo: Ian Lawson

In the afternoon we landed in Skansebukta. And finally, we could have a bath. Yes, in the fjord. And again, the Chinese were the toughest of us. Afterwards we had a nice Barbeque dinner on deck 7.

We arrived Longyearbyen in the middle of the night – and all the Chinese left the boat for an early plain. And it felt empty.

This voyage, as everything – has to come to an end. It has been a beautiful and fantastic voyage. Me, the blogger would like to thank you, both my new friends at Hurtigruten and all the passengers and all others who made Fram’s first trip to Spitsbergen possible.  

PS: Monday some of the remaining passengers went to the University of Svalbard (UNIS) and got a lecture there. They also had a guided tour in Longyearbyen.