Friday, 24 September 2010

Hello or Farewell...?

After this peaceful and beautifully lit crossing (the saying seems true: A different time can be a different place), we reach the steep fjord of Isafjördur, flanked by now snow-capped volcanic mountain.

So, that's it? Last day of exploring. It feels a little odd, cuts into curiosity and the capability to enjoy without a second thought. But then again, what a time lies behind us! We have bee travelling through the wildest areas of the northern hemisphere, being spoilt by sun and blue skies, too. We have met people from these wild parts, seen immense sceneries, building memories that will last for a lifetime. This certainly is worth celebrating. And that's just what we do in the late afternoon, when Captain Rune welcomes us for a last time for the Farewell cocktail. And as we sail into the night, the trip passes in front of the inner eye. A time that was...