Thursday, 2 September 2010

The last Kanger

Two weeks gone just like that. Time is such a weird thing, look back at it from one point it seems much shorter than it was, but just shift your angle by a little bit and it feels like an eternity. So much we have seen in these days, adorable things, frightening things, happiness and misery, sometimes in the same spot. We were spoilt by the weather, admittedly a little short on the polar bear side, but beauty and nature and also entertainment was always with us.
Alas, now it's time to say good-bye. The bumpy ride to the icecap is a last sensation before the evenings barbeque. (Speaking of which: See that musk-ox in the truck? It's hunting season.) And then it's the airport. Some are eying the plane enviously, because it is the very aircraft that just brought the new arrivals.
And that's how it is: It never stops, we all carry on. That is a good thing, it brings us moments to look back to.
So, yep, let's go on then!