Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Back in the Water

Fram is back in the water. The gap in Fram's sailing schedule was to complete its five year classification certificate. A dry dock would probably come bottom of anyone's list of beautiful places that Fram goes, however they are fascinating, bustling places of work.            
Gangways are functional rather than sleek. The decks were filled with equipment, tools and cans of paint for the use of workmen.  

After 14 days of intense work in Bremerhaven their rubbish was lifted off by crane. Workers descended the steep stairs and bid farewell.

Tugs fore and aft set the ship on its way out of the dock. Lifeboats were re-united to their davits, and all was ready for final checks, tests and drill before heading out to sea.

All is set to continue the season heading north. Passengers will be picked up in Hamburg tomorrow as Fram heads for the stunning Norweigan Fjords…