Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A Long and Winding River

To leave a place means to go to another one. So it is always a significant moment when we detach from a pier for the first day of a cruise. Thoughts are traveling ahead to some far-away destination, to other shores. 
This trip will bring us to the wild and romantic beauty of the Norwegian Fjords, unspoiled places framed by drastic scenery. And we will go where others don't, as we can make use of our small Polar Cirkel Boats. 

To do so requires a little training, though, the drill that is held while still at the pier in Hamburg. So the characteristic, church-loaded skyline witnesses a weird spectacle with a man in full-body red armor, all necessary and need-to-know.

And then it is time to leave. With the fading day we glide along the gently winding river Elbe, which sports many interesting buildings, quarters, ships and dockyards. Tomorrow we will be at sea, according to Captain Rune Andreassen conditions sound just fine, so we might even see America...just kidding!

Right now everybody is tired enough, was a long day for all of us.
So have a good night's sleep, tomorrow we'll be one day away from here, but also one closer to our destination...