Monday, 9 February 2009

Antarctic Circle and Detaille Island

This morning we were visited by Neptun himself when we crossed the Antarctic circle! He baptized everybody on board with a good dip of cold water and ice cubes and he wished us welcome to his kingdom! A refreshing experience, but Neptun also offered strong drinks to get us warm again. We were all granted the same status as halibut, mermaids and crabs, and isn`t that quite something?
After lunch we landed at Detaille Island and visited Base W of the British Antarctic Survey, which has been in use from 1956 to 1959. We topped this landing off with a Polar Circle Boat cruise in between the spectacular icebergs of all shapes and colours that filled the waters around the island.

The pictures of the day were taken by Lyn McNaught and Mariana von Dobeneck.