Thursday, 12 February 2009

Fish Islands and Lemaire Channel

Beautiful sunshine woke us up early and straight after breakfast we started our landing at the Fish Islands, an archipelago in the Crystal Sound area. We saw lush Antarctic vegetation: 2 to 3 cm deep mossbeds and lichens, probably some hundreds of years old!
The island is also home to a small colony of Adelie penguins. In the evening we sailed through the magnificent Lemaire Channel, also called Kodak gap. In modern days of digital photography, it maybe should be renamed to Canon (Nikon, Olympus,…you name the brands) gap. Many gigabytes of pictures were taken of the steep walls on both sides of the narrow sound lit in the warm evening light!

The pictures of the day were taken by Margaret Byford (showing the winners of the southernmost pub quiz) and Helgard and Oliver Gimm.