Saturday, 21 February 2009

Gerlache Strait and Port Lockroy

What a day! The morning started off perfectly with several groups of feeding humpback whales directly in front of the FRAM. And even better than that, one of them started to jump out of the water several times when he finished his meal!! The weather was fine and we were a bit early on our way to Port Lockroy, and thus around lunch, we went on a spontaneous Polar Circle Boat cruise in between the icebergs in Gerlache Strait.

Later in the afternoon, we finally landed at Port Lockroy, the southernmost post office in the world. Many postcards were sent to all our dears back home, and of course we enjoyed the Gentoo penguins that are literally everywhere around this station! And nobody has told them about the 5m distance rules!

The pictures of the day were taken by Daman Ranby and Ken Tong.