Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Heading north on the Drake

We are now sailing northward towards Cape Horn on smooth waters. The Drake Passage has an undeserved reputation for being rough all the time but in fact it is often quite comfortable, as today. We call flat-calm conditions on the Drake Passage, the "Drake Lake".

In the early morning we were treated to cruise into the active volcano that is Deception Island. We passed through Neptune's Bellows and circled Whalers Bay. Ahead of us lay the remains of the Norwegian "Hector" Whaling Station and the British Base B. Both were severely damaged after the last eruption that took place in 1969.

As it is one of our last nights aboard the ship we held our fund-raising auction before attending the Captain's Dinner. We now have one more day at sea before arriving at Ushuaia on Thursday morning.