Wednesday, 18 November 2009

South America approaching

On our last sea-day of this fantastic voyage we approach the very southern tip of the South American continent. Cape Horn is to our port side and ahead lie the Chilean islands of Isla Wollaston and Navarino, the Beagle Channel, and our final destination, Ushuaia.

We had a great day on the Drake Passage with calm seas for most of the day and a moderate swell as we sailed north. Our constant companions, and a joy to watch, have been the seabirds, which today followed us behind and in the lee of the wind. At one time we had four species of albatrosses around the ship- Black-browed, Grey-headed, Wandering, and Light-mantled Sooty, accompanied by many Giant Petrels and Cape Petrels.

Around midday we came upon a pod of Finback Whales so we slowed the ship and observed them for a time.

As we make your way through the corridors of the Fram tonight, the sight of packed suitcases outside each cabin can only mean one thing- our voyage is almost over. A pity as we were just getting to really know each other.