Saturday, 14 November 2009

Icy seas!

As we sail ever closer to the Antarctic Peninsula we have started to see extensive sea-ice and icebergs. However, this has not impeded the Fram's progress. On one of the icebergs we saw today, there were a dozen or so Chinstrap Penguins roosting, and nearby an Antarctic Petrel flew by- more hints that we are approaching Antarctica! It may interest people to know that large icebergs are given letter-number designations and are tracked through their lives (see

A highlight today was the virtually constant accompaniment of the ship by many Cape Petrels. They followed us and took advantage of our movement to make their way south with us. The petrels wheeled in tight groups, almost like schooling fish as they escape a predator.

After three days at sea, our Fram passengers are ready to touch down on solid ground. There is much anticipation aboard ship for the experiences that will touch us when we arrive at the Last Continent. At this very moment we are passing by the remote Elephant Island, where Shacklton's men were left for several months, while "the Boss" with five of his men sailed to South Georgia in the James Caird in the first leg of their rescue.