Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A couple of bumpy days

The last couple of days have been quite windy and bumpy. You feel the waves and adjust your movements for every few seconds, and in the end you do not even think about it. The human hard drive adjusts accordingly. Funny thing the human body as such. Onboard the many tasks are concluded in accordance to plan, others found obsticles and are running a bit behind, but overall we are en route with our "Crossing tasks". We are heading for Las Palmas, due to arrive Thursday morning for a couple of hours to get fuel. Next destination "Lisbon" April 3 until April 7th, where we start our "Spring in Western Europe Voyage", ending up in Dover April 15th.
We have a questions to our biologists out there if you follow the blog a bit, we have been passing belts of this seaweed several days both before the Equator and after.What kind of seaweed is it? We can see it's drifting far out in the ocean. Our current position is Latitude 24 degrees 3,2 N Longiude 019 degrees 7,2 W and current temperature is 22 derees Celcius.
The evening entertainment last night reached a new level when our sporty Hotelmanager Bjørn Erik performed his excellent story about the Italian "Antonio" visiting New York, and having slightly language problems when in the "Big Apple". Very entertaining performance by Bjørn Erik, before we continued with Olympic Games. Guess the song, longest clothing line and fetch 15 things were on the program. We were running after cottonpads, douvets, umbrellas, knifes, bandaids like our life depended on these items for  while there. Loud shouting and positioning of team members at strategic places were part of the game strategy.
Todays Interview is:
Name: Ardalyn P Villanueva
Position: Waitress/Stewardess
How long time have you been working for Hurtigruten?
6 Years
How many times have you crossed equstor with a Hurtigruten ship?
9 times
What do you like best about equator crossings?
Relaxed working durng the day and lots of fun and excitement during the evening.
Is your job different when the ship does crossings?
Which tasks do you have during the crossing?
General cleaning all over the ship