Saturday, 19 March 2011

The days seems all the same now

The days comes and goes, and they all seem the same now. The chores and the view do not change much. Although the position on the screens do tell us that we are on latitude 29 south now. It is getting considerble warmer day by day. No birds today John, we think we will see more when we approach the brazilian coast in a couple of days or so. We are looking. As you see from the first picture it looks quite inviting to take a plunge in the jacuzzies onboard. They are really nice!
Our Navigation Officer Clyde always seems to be busy on the bridge during his watch hours, although his view is a bit more monotonous than usual. Our medical team spends their spare time puttig together this large puzzle.
Todays crew interview is with
Name: Clarice Tabanao

Position: Receptionist

How long time have you been working for Hurtigruten?
5 months
How many times have you crossed equator with a Hurtigruten Ship?
What do you like best about equator crossings?
The games, and the time to relax
Is your job different when the ship do crossings?
Which tasks do you have during the crossing?
Inventory of the shopstocks, inventory of the office supplies and tidy up reception area
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