Friday, 25 March 2011

The day of judgement is here!

 This picture says it all. The equator baptism were upon us very soon, always the same day as crossing takes place.This time it was March 24th at 02:21 we we crossed the equator.

  Already in the morning Chief Purser Aleksander boldly and in good spirit showed his defeat of not bringing his certificate from his equator baptism a few years back. The result is that King Neptune will not admit anyone into his Kingdom unless they show the certificate on the day of judgement "Baptism day".  You might have to click on the picture to see the entire text he wrote around that t-shirt.

At 15:00, March 24th the ordeal began by Safetyofficer and Captain announcing King Neptune's arrival. The ceremonial event could commence in all it's horror.First on the program was to double check position. Did we really cross the equator? It's not like it is a red line. Yes we had, all in order. Bring out the the victims!!Neptune and his Police and Medical Personell have a job to do!!

                      Very few words can give any justice to the feeeling og being soaked in a mixture of old fish and god knows what. The smell was as you see from Marilyns face quite distinct.We also would like to direct attention to Safety Officer Andreas excellent binoculars. After the ordeal all 22 victims went through, some justice was granted by the bosun Renato who hosed the worst "dirt" off. But they all stank even after several showers. Last picture shows that Aleksander went through it with grace, and Hotelmanager Bjørn-Erik as well. We have to give a big credit to the official Baptism photographer Eduardo (Souchef), who put together the collage of pictures.