Sunday, 10 April 2011

Biscay Bay Day

The Gulf of Biskay, dreaded by many to be one of the most precarious waters on the northern hemisphere, is decidedly sparing us today: A mere four Beaufort wind and a swell that is rather soothing than discomforting. Even a few short-beaked common dolphins feel invited to ride a while with us. Oh, they are difficult to catch on photo, as you can see here. To improve our skills, we are offered a lecture on photography by our ship's photographer Lisa. 
Once inside, one might as well attend to some of the other presentations, such as Gothic art, waves, and UNESCO heritage sites. Holiday! On a day like this there's nothing wrong with focusing on the food (there were even hot waffles as an extra afternoon snack), the leisure, the entertainment. 
Our piano player Björn keeps everyone in a good - even dancing - mood, and later in the evening the curtain rises for the incredible, spectacular fashion show, that really sometimes brings out unexpected qualities in members of crew and staff alike. So, that was a good day to recharge our batteries for tomorrows landing in one of the most famous cities of France - Bordeaux.