Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Happy feet

Langelinie - in almost all European languages the meaning of this is easy to figure out - long line, is the place of berth for our first stop on this trip through the Baltics: Copenhagen. All our destinations are said to be beautiful places. But undoubtfully we start with one of the biggest gems on this string of pearls, which unravels its qualities best when you walk at a slow pace. So, let's do this, let's take a walk from Langelinie into town, maybe musing the keywords that spring to mind when you think about Copenhagen: Monarchy, Hans Christian Andersen, ships, maybe Carlsberg and Pølser, friendly, very friendly people and Bicycles.
And indeed, you find it all. Not far from our ship sits the biggest attraction right at the waterfront, being surrounded by people almost like the Mona Lisa, another mysterious female in history: The Little Mermaid. Bonnily as she sits there, not everybody will remember that she suffered great pain as a price for the fulfilment of her love, as the pretty tail turned into unhappy feet later on.
Well, the sun is shining brightly today, and so let our feet carry us on to see what there is. The presence of the monarchy is ubiquitous, today there is even a little spice added in the form of many yellow-wested security guards who watch over the grounds while Russian Prime Minister Wladimir Putin visits the Danish government. Next keyword Carlsberg is also hardly to be overlooked, be it in the many bars and cafés that line the pretty port of Nyhavn or - more stylishly - at the great oxen of the Gefion Fountain which is a donation by the company for their jubilee. Have a sausage in Nyhavn, dare to be tourist! It is a must for many, and here and now it is tasty. Musicians play on the pier, people are chatting away and enjoy themselves - yes, indeed, you want to stay here, be in good company and feel the holiday.
Later on, as the sun starts to settle, the beautiful evening light creates a Margritte-like atmosphere that hangs in the skies and accompanies us back to our ship. And then it is time again to cast the lines and head on. Good night, wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen!