Wednesday, 6 April 2011


We have arrived Lisbon, already the 3of April and the ship was filled with people who were doing all kind of annual audits and surveys, maintenance people from Italy, Norway etc and we are getting ready to get passengers tomorrow. For anyone embarking tomorrow reading this blog, an important message goes out to a few of you which we have not been able to reach. We have had a pier change to what it says in your documentation. The pier we are at is Santa Apolónia Jusante.

Lisbon is beautiful in Spring, after a long and cold winter in northern Europe, the feeling of proper spring and warm weather is soothing for anyone now. Recommendations are strong from us here onboard to make a spring journey in Southern Europe once. It is invigorating..pure! Sunshine, energy, wonderful.
Tomorrow the passenger arrive approx 1600 onwards to commence this journey we have planned for the last few weeks, and we hope they will enjoy it. We hope for a lot of good weather to enjoy the sights, all but one destination on this first voyage we go to have one UNESCO World Heritage Sight or more. Our lectureres will tell us more about during the journey. This is our main focus, learning as we travel with high qualified lecturers onboard, in a friendly, casual atmosphere.