Thursday, 20 October 2011

Atlantic Crossing Southbound

To all our trusted followers, you have not seen a post for a few days now, we are back on track. Last trip ended in Las Palmas on the 16th, but not as expected. We discovered a failure with one of our lifeboat engines, and because safety is our highest priority, we flew all passengers from Agadir to Las Palmas to catch up with their original flights and vacation plans. The ship sailed with crew only Agadir-Las Palmas, and a new engine has been replaced. Unfortunately these circumstances affected the passengers we had planned to have onboard for the crossing. If any of you see this blog post, hope that you are able to join us another time folks. We were really looking forward to having you with us. We left Las Palmas the 17th of October at 18:00, and estimate to be in Buenos Aires the 2nd of November, at what time is still uncertain. For the next couple of weeks our blog posts might not be coming every day, but we will try as often as we can. A lot of work and preparations for the Antarctic season and generally for 2012 is planned for us onboard. We will give you a little impression on how it is to cross the big vast Atlantic Ocean with a bunch of sailors from various nations. For your information we have now sailed 309 nm since Las Palmas, and are currently doing 13,5 knots speed on our way south. Weather forecast looks good which is always pleasant.