Sunday, 30 October 2011

Latitude 27°16.5 South Longitude 044°17.7 West

A few days since the last blog, we are busy to get the ship cleaned and ready for arrival to Buenos Aires and a new season in the Antarctic. 241 passengers awaits us for the coming trip to the fantastic destiantions Falkland, South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula.
The main stairwells have got a particular thorough revival, paint and re-carpeting. Here you see the guys who have trotting up and down for days. They are not "Marsians", they are the deck crew. You see Bosun Renato upper left, Mon upper right, Bong lower left and Angeles lower right.
We have experienced quite a bit of wind the last few days, and the temperature outside has dropped quite a bit compared to what we had around equator, but don't get us wrong it is till warm and nice with approx 30 degrees celcius.

Todays crew Interview is with our extraordinary clever electrician BOB. Bengt Olav Berntsen himself.

Name: Bengt Olav Berntsen
Position: Electrician
How long time have you been working for Hurtigruten?
7 years
How many times have you crossed equator with a Hurtigruten Ship?
4 times
What do you like best about equator crossings?
Happy times
Is your job different when the ship do crossings?
Which tasks do you have during the crossing?
General maintenance and cabin repairs