Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Bay of Biscay

For crew there are regular safety drills, a day "At Sea" often finds them on one of these exercises. This was no exception. Though not involving passengers, many are keen to watch the activity.

Lectures, bridge visits, dolphin and whale sightings - quite a day. A calm Biscay meant afternoon waffles with Antonio on piano were popular.
Fram's voyages in Europe visit several sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Fiona explained how properties obtain a place on that List. Steffan put 4.6 billion years of geology into a nutshell, Freida described the ecology of oceans, Katya illustrated Spanish and Portugese Art. Arne introduced everyone to our next port A Coruna in the Galicia Region of Spain. Klaus spoke of Christopher Colombus, who passed through the Bay of Biscay in 1476 on his way to England, Ireland and onto Iceland. It is not recorded how the sea condition was then, but it will definately have taken more than a day to cross!