Saturday, 12 May 2012

Skerry Islands

Not Scary - Skerries they are called, the flat, rocky islands forming a labyrhintic belt outside of Swedens capital. There accurate number is unknown, an incredible 25.000 at least. Here it is very, very obvious why we need a pilot - the chance of making a fatal mistake is very high, so: Do we trust the man? Yes, we do. And indeed, after a scenic three-hour ride through this archipelago of leisure, lined with the most beautiful and cozy houses, jetties and pleasure boats, we arrive in front of the charming facades of Stockholm.
Our parking position is smack in the city center, less than a cat's jump to Gamla Stan, the old town, one of the main attractions. Per-fect! The Swedish authorities are friendly and unbeaurocratic, so after a very short while everybody can go ashore.

Two excursions prove to be a full success, be it the "Stockholm Waterways", an extensive tour with a little barge, through old and new parts of the town. Or the "Old Town and City Hall" tour, showing the traditional aspects of this gentle, pretty place.
Well, and then it is definitely time to pack up, get a great summary of the whole trip in photographer Heather's slide show, and watch the day fade, wrapping the stout buildings in the twilight of the last evening.
A colorful trip this has been, rich in history, architecture, events, information - and fun.
Fancy to come back? - You'll be more than welcome!
Your "blogger" for the last couple of weeks is signing off tomorrow - thank you for following so closely, and please stay tuned: The Blog continues...