Monday, 15 July 2013

Foiled by Ice Once again!

Our plan was to cruise through Prince Christian sound and then on into The Denmark Strait.  Foiled by Ice and also heavy fog once again.  In the middle of the night the decision was made to turn around and take the outside route in Denmark Strait on our way to Iceland.  The Denmark Strait can be one of the most tempestuous ocean regions in the world but we had winds of only 10 to 15 metres/sec.  It was a strong enough wind to raise the seas to one or two metres and to cast a gentle roll to Fram.  All in all, quite comfortable cruising conditions for the entire day.
Group Photo with All Guests and Expedition Team
Group Photo with repeat guests and Expedition Team
We took advantage of the excellent sailing conditions for a group photo on deck 5 forward.  In fact we took two group photos.  One photo shows all of our guests on board plus the Expedition Team and the other shows the Expedition Team plus people that love Fram so much, that they are now on their 2nd, 3rd and even 4th voyages with us!  We are proud that you have chosen to sail with us on more than one occasion.  We take that as a pat on the back that we must be doing something right.  Thank you!
Crew show!!!
With good sea conditions and no landings it was a great day to attend a lecture or perhaps watch a film in the Observation Lounge. The lecture halls were busy for most of the day with lectures in English, German and Scandinavian.  Of course has other amenities not just lecture halls.  If you haven't found the sauna or used the jacuzzi yet, these sea days are the perfect time for that.  Fram's sauna is one of the nicest saunas on any ship (believe me, I've been on lots of ships!)  There are many areas with huge picture windows like the bistro for example that are perfect for sitting quietly and watching the sea.  For the more active types there is a small but very well equipped gym, by the way, also with floor to ceiling windows and of course there are always the outside decks for a breath of fresh sea air.
Crew Show!!!
Sea days are tranquil days providing ample opportunities for rest, relaxation and education.
We ended a beautiful sea with another rollickin' crew show.