Thursday, 11 July 2013

No Internet Connection for Over Two Days. Sorry!

Ahh, the wonders of hi tech.  We have internet service on a ship that wanders the globe.  We can get current weather forecasts, up to the minute news reports, post updates on Facebook, stay in touch with loved ones, check the stock market and a myriad of other things. Except for when we can't.  Like the last two days for example. It can be frustrating when you're on board Fram and we don't have an internet connection. Perhaps it's slightly frustrating for you at home if you're trying to keep track of Fram on a daily basis.  It is always our intention to post a few words about our adventures on board Fram, every single day, 365 days per year, but s--t happens.  This time we had technical difficulties of some sort. I'm not exactly clear what they were.  Sometimes we lose our internet connection when we are high in the Arctic.  At high latitudes, the satellites from which we get our internet connection are low on the horizon.  Frequently we will lose the signal when we duck into a fjord.    The signal is blocked by the mountains.  For example, we lose the connection every time we enter Kangerlussuaq Fjord.  So if you don't see a new blog every day it is most often because we do not have an internet connection. Generally, it is written and the pictures are ready.  We always post it as soon as we can! 
Fram at the pier in Nuuk

We arrived at the pier in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, at 09:00.  As soon as the gangway was prepared the 23 participants on the 4.5 hour  Lille Milene hike, hopped on their bus and off they went.  The hike begins just behind the cities' airport and then meanders along streams and waterfalls through the rocky terrain so typical of most areas in Greenland.  The wildflowers are still in full bloom with Trailing Azaleas and Blue Heath in profusion.  While the hikes were exploring the hinterland others chose to see what the administrative, economic and art centre of Greenland had to offer.  There was a city tour by motor coach.  One could choose to visit the museum or just wander about Nuuk on your own.
500 year old Greenland Mummy on display in the national museum

The Greenland art and cultural centre in Nuuk
The past few days were very rainy in Nuuk but it seems the sun has been following in our wake.  This was the first day of sunshine in four days and tomorrow in Nuuk?  Well, the forecast is for storms with high winds.  But not so much where we are going.  The forecast for Ivituut is for scattered showers and low winds.  We'll see what the morrow brings.