Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday the 13th

This morning we should have had a landing in Blomsterbukta (Flower Bay). The place got its name during the Lauge Koch expedition in 1929 as they gained here a huge botanical collection. But the wind was blowing so strong that it has been impossible to land at this place as the swell at the landing site has been too high. A good expedition leader has always at least a plan B. Our plan B turned out as an impressive cruise with FRAM through the Kaiser Franz Josef Fjord. The wind had blown all clouds away. So we could make wonderful pictures from the mountains and glaciers in this majestic landscape.  Later on the Captain made the decision to sail into the Isfjord (Ice fjord), a side arm of the Kaiser Franz Josef Fjord. We passed huge icebergs and especially one was so amazing that the captain made a special round so that we could see it from all sides. There have been still deep crevasses on the top of the iceberg as it never turned upside down as icebergs normally do. Huge holes made this iceberg unforgettable special. To say it very clear, we all had the feeling that this plan B should become plan A++ next season.

During lunch time FRAM sailed through the Kong Oscar Fjord into the Kempe Fjord. Her we should have a nice stop on Ella Ø. But it was still Friday the 13th, and perhaps you know already what we have to say, the landing was not possible again. This time it was not the wind that has been against us. No winds no swell but there was a huge yellow white rock at the landing site. Nobody from the expedition team could remember that it has been there before. As soon as we came nearer with FRAM we could see that the rock turned out as a Polar bear, just sleeping on our land place. It was a big one and a sleepy one. And of course there was no chance to land next to a Polar bear. So we enjoyed the “King of the Arctic” our second Polar bear before we left.

As we said already before, a good expedition leader has always a plan B. Our plan B for the afternoon was Hedlund a little bit south of Ella Ø. Here we found a wonderful landing place with lots of tundra vegetation in the colors of the Indian summer. For our active passengers it was even possible to climb up the hill to enjoy a beautiful view over the marvelous landscape.

In the evening after dinner the crew was singing for us in the Observation lounge.  At this time everybody was sure, a plan B can become more than wonderful and in the future we will never ever be afraid of Friday the 13th. In the future that day will be our day with lots of luck.