Saturday, 7 September 2013

Good by Spitsbergen

Moffen with its sandy beaches and the Walruses have been our last impression we got from Spitsbergen. At the same time MV FRAM’s  Spitsbergen season came to an end. Now we are looking forward to Northeast-Greenland.

We needed the whole day to cross the Denmark Strait. This passage is well known for its storms and huge waves. But we have been the lucky ones. We had nearly no wind and only a little bit of swell. So we could use the day to learn about Greenland. Our lecture team on board had prepared different kind of lecture topics for us. We heard about the Sirius patrol, about ice, Polar bears, Greenland’s history and modern life. Like students at the university we sucked all the information.

In the afternoon we got a “sweat” break with wonderful waffles. You could chose if you would like it Norwegian style with “brown cheese” or with jam and slotted cream. Whatever we chose – it was delicious.
Just when we went back to the lecture halls some White sited Dolphins showed up.  It was a nice intermezzo to see them swimming and jumping next to the ship.

After dinner we met in the Panorama Lounge for FRAM’s very famous fashion show. Full of expectations for our next destination – the North East Greenland National park – we went to bed. Would we see ice, Polar bears or even a Polar bear on the ice? Nobody knew the answer.