Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Faroese

View of the inside of the cathedral in Torshavn

Today we reached the Faroe Islands. 18 still green islands of which 17 are inhabited.
The islands belongs to Danmark but they a kind of independence. A lot of exciting culture is to be discover there.
The Faroese viking language is most related to icelandic but has its roots in Norway.
The old Faroes chain dance is still alive but the time for us was too short to get closer in to it. We had an dance performance with the guest some days ago in our observation lounge.
The boat trip to the famous Vestmanna bird cliffs was cancelled due to the strong wind from southwest. Instead of a trip to the northern part of the island of Eysturoy was offered. That trip with beautiful views over lots of waterfalls and nice tiny villages was fantastic.


We had a bus tour to Kirkjubour the old religios center. The Olav church, the oldest stone church still in use from the 12th century, the ruins of the gothic St. Magnus cathedral and the 900 years old kings farm house the oldest wooden house in Europe were visited.