Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Sea days are wonderful!

It is our second sea day today and we have to say, it is wonderful to start a longer expedition cruise with several days on board. We have been very tired when we arrived on board FRAM on Sunday as we had all a long flight behind us. Everybody on board welcomed us in a more than friendly way, but we have been too exhausted to enjoy it really. So it was no wonder that everybody enjoyed the first sea day yesterday. We slept longer and we used the day to getting to know the ship, the crew and the expedition team. But today we feel home already – and that is wonderful.

Atlantic Petrel, photo : John Chardine

Atlantic Petrel, photo: John Chardine

Waiting for a good shot, FriedaPhoto
 When there is an announcement like “meet the Ornithologists on deck 7” we knew directly where we have to go and whom we will meet, whom we could ask best in our language.  We know our lecture halls, we know the right person to ask if we have little problems. We know the dining room and the lounges, the y are our room now. And we met the first passengers travelling with us for a small talk or even first discussions. All together it means, we arrived now on board really, we feel home now, we took over now” OUR ship FRAM”.

Stowaway 1 (Cinnamon Warbling-Finch) FriedaPhoto

Stowaway 2 and 3 (Spot-winged-Pigeon) Photo: John Chardine
During the day the lecture staff offered lots of lectures to prepare us in the best way for our landings on the Falkland Islands. We were out for bird watching, and many of us shot already more pictures then they expected at the first days.  How wonderful that we have the digital photography and we have not to think about missing film at the end of our cruise.

The day passed by quickly. We had so much to do. Listening, looking and of course eating, enjoying the good food the Chef and his crew had prepared for us.