Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Two days at sea

South Georgia is a long way east of the Falkland Islands- about 1400 km- and we have sailed two fall days and are still in open sea! What is it like to be on a ship for two full days without seeing land, you might ask. The answer on the Fram is busy and stimulating but relaxing at the same time. What our passengers don’t realise is that they are receiving a short, university-level course in polar biology, geology and history through the many lectures our Expedition Team gives. And days at sea allow us to give lots! Lectures continue to be very well attended and there is no sign of of the passengers flagging!

Between the Falklands and South Georgia we sail through very productive waters teaming with life. We don’t see most of this, which is under the water and in the form of plankton, krill, and fish to name a few, but an indication to us of this abundance is the many seabirds we have seen flying around and behind the vessel. Keen birdwatchers have spent the last two days on deck observing and identifying about 20 different species, including several albatrosses, and petrels.

Weather-wise we have had a great crossing. These can be angry waters but this time we enjoyed a following sea and fairly gentle swell and waves. There is nothing quite as relaxing as being gently rocked by our home away from home- Fram- as she gently glides over the ocean surface.

Tomorrow morning we will begin two busy days on the island of South Georgia. Put quite simply, we can’t wait!