Monday 26 July 2010

Eqip Sermia

It is 23:00 and the sun is slowly sinking behind a low mountain.  The sky is mostly cloudless.  There are icebergs scattered throughout the channel as we depart the glacier Eqip Sermia. Just moments ago I ran outside to photograph the last image in today's blog.  I would rather show you a photograph of our view than to struggle with inadequate words.

Our morning was filled with icebergs and generally fantastic scenery.  When we were tired of "oohing" and "aahing" over icebergs, there was a full agenda of lectures to attend.

We arrived at Eqip Sermia at 17:00.  We were truly in Greenlandic wilderness.  The only sounds to be heard were the loud regular rumblings of the glacier.  White thunder!  A few of our hardier souls braved the frigid Arctic waters and went for a plunge.  They now have well deserved bragging rights of having gone swimming above the Arctic Circle!  Twenty people hiked to a high vantage point for a splendid view of the glacier and Fram.  I suspect they were opting to burn a few extra calories in anticipation of the sumptuous barbeque we enjoyed on the stern deck of Fram.  What a life!

Our next destination is Qeqertassuaq where we will have to stock up on more sunscreen and possibly more insect repellant.