Sunday 24 October 2010

MV Fram Olympic Games

Now we are at 17o51'S 037o03'W and outside temperature is 25oC.

As you maybe remeber from last crossing, we arrange the MV Fram Olympic Games. This we have started also on this trip. Both crew and passengers are participating. Belive me, there is a high sound level on cheering in all the different groups; "Heia heia heia....."

Changing clothes

Rona and Russel where the winners. Nice dress Russel!

Musti and Sunday where the winner of the Aple eating competion.
Must where eating, Sunday "just" holding it!
Hamburger eating
The whole Hamburger  where eaten - Benedict was the big hero!
Ready for trowing the water ball..... water glove.....

Restaurant, Galley and Engine in hard competition.

Friday 22 October 2010


We are now on the Southern atmosphere, at 9o05'S 34o47'W, light skye's and 28oC.

13 crew members and 8 passengers, have been baptized on board Fram, for crossing the Equator Line. Some of the new crewmembers were really skeptic about this traditional baptism.

Captain & Navigation Officer checking the position
King Nepthune & his Queen
Sometimes pictures can say more than one thousand words.....

Passenger Janet meet Nepthune's Barber
Janet's best shower ever

Justine, are you skeptic or nervous??

This is great, now they will belong into our family!

Chief Purser Musti was one of the lucky one.....
Justine & Benedict last in line....


At the end Victor, the AB,  in charge of shower all crew and passengers,
had to shower himselves.

Everyone thought it was over - but the Barber had a little bit left!

Wednesday 20 October 2010


At 06.24.36 am this morning we crossed the Equator line, and at this moment we are 00o45'S 036o47'W. The outside temperature is 29oC.

Raymund and Jimmy in first game,
single match Table tennis

Last night we finnished our tournament in Table Tennis. Raymund Montemayor lost the single match against our Navigation Officer James Clyde.

Clyde also participate in our double Table Tennis conntest, together with our Captain, Rune Andreassen. They where both very tense and serious, and they stood together and won. No they are both very proud and a happy team on the bridge.

Champion double Table Tennis
Bridge Team; Clyde and Rune

Our Pushball competition is maybe the competition which make most noice. The participants are so into the game; sceeming, cheering, and shouting. And it's a hectical time for the participants. Elmer presenting the restaurant and Electrician Mats became the proud winners.

Winners; blue team Elmer and Mats (on left side)

Miko; one of the
Welfare organizers - always smiling! 

Please follow our blog. Our next element will be from the Equator Baptism........

Monday 18 October 2010


We are now on the posistion of 07o20'N and 040o29'W, ouside temeperature is 31oC.

It’s unbelievable for us to understand that some crew doing their maintenance work under cover. Sometimes we wondering if we do not have only passenger and crew on board, but could there also be Pirates?

Pirate Angeles
Our AB’s are brushing the railings and repainting some areas outside on the ship. Many hours are used to do this work, and you should think that they would enjoy being outside and getting tan. But it seems like the AB’s like to “hide” beyond lots of clothing, while their leader Chief Officer do the inspection half naked.

Inspector Chief Officer Ingar & Pirate Victor - both smiling to the photographer

Saturday 16 October 2010

Scoothing Competion

We have now reached 15o16’N, 044o15’W, and the weather is marvelous. Outside temperature is 29oC.

A lot of maintenance work is going on both inside and outside.

                                                                                                                                       Every night we do have some competition going on, and Thursday night we started with the Air Gun Shooting Competition. Many of the crew participated, but also some of the passengers.

Mariana Von Dobeneck, one of the repeaters on board MV Fram, was ready to participate on the Air Gun Shooting, and she did well! She ended on a 2nd place together with our Receptionist Rona. But our Ship Doctor Carmen Santana, beat them both with 4 more points. Our Hotel Manager Else Kristine came on 3rd place among the girls – but we think she just had big luck…..

Among the guys our Laundryman Hermi was the winner, with a total of 34 points.

Our Assistant Waiter William and our Electrician Mads came on 2nd place with 32 points and our Bartender Erman ended on 3rd place with 30 points.

We congratulate all the participants – and now we are following the push ball final!

Thursday 14 October 2010

Halifax - Buenos Aires

Hello everyone

As you probably have seen, MV Fram arrived Halifax October 8th in the evening.

Early morning Saturday, October 9th, we got the Canadian Public Health inspection. We hoped we where good prepared, and after a couple of hours, we got the result; 100%
Our Hotel Manager was smiling the whole day after this, and it was not only her, we all did!

Saturday afternoon, we left Halifax with 9 passengers on board. Yeah, thats correct, 9 passengers would like to join us all the way to Buenos Aires.

At the moment we have beautiful weather, sunshine, blue sky and 27,5oC. We are on the latitude 24oN and 48oW.
We have 17 days to go till we are in our next port of call, Buenos Aires.

Friday 8 October 2010

Halifax…at long last

Although everybody is sad that the voyage is now coming to an end…many of us were indeed happy to see the harbour of Halifax at long last in the late afternoon. Relieved that the rolling of the ship finally stopped. At our last sea day, the wind and waves hit us hard, an average 8 on the Beaufort scale, occasionally rising to a 12. The last opportunity to get seasick and many were caught off guard – we had almost forgotten that we are on a ship!
The sea was too rough for lectures, so passengers were invited to meet the expedition staff directly in the cafeteria for any questions. Some of the guests enjoyed sun and wind on the outside decks and others took the chance to play scrabble and other games.
Just before arriving and when the sea smoothed down, all of us gathered in the Observation Lounge for the Farewell Cocktail with Captain Rune Andreassen. The renowned MS Fram choir formed by all members of the crew resulted in a few tears and hundreds of photos.
And now… it is time to pack, to change email addresses, to say good-bye…and to maybe explore our last destination: Halifax by night!

Thursday 7 October 2010

Baddeck – the smurfs are coming!

Rain still exists! After days and days of sunshine and fantastic weather, finally reality reached us this morning. A Beaufort 7 was announced in Anja’s morning greeting and outside it was wet and miserable, with a very poor visibility. But who cares? Everybody agreed that better bad weather here than in so many other stunning places we have visited.
At 11 o’clock the pilot came on board to navigate the ship to Baddeck on Cape Breton Island. Once more, the blue smurfs invaded a little village – although this one is considerably larger than any of the others of our itinerary. A beautiful peaceful resort town with lovely wooden houses. And once more we were lucky: as soon as we came along side the pier, the rain magically stopped.
The most famous inhabitant of the area was Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. We learned more about the life of this great man in the local museum (extremely worth while a visit) and during the guided city walks that some of us joined. Mr Bell actually had a lifelong passion and dedication for teaching the deaf and his career started when doing research on hearing and speech. He married Mabel Hubbard, who was deaf herself. It was a very happy and close couple. A sculpture was recently produced illustrating both of them on a bench, just across the bay of their house, which still belongs to the descendents.
At the end of a day we were rewarded with a very special moment: the sighting of an amazing raptor with white head and tail – the bald eagle, so characteristic of North America!

UNESCO World Heritage Day!

As we arrived in Bonne Bay this morning, we found that another (!!!) sunny day was waiting for us. However, the sea was choppy and it was a quite wet crossing in the polar cirkle boats to the shoreline of Woody Point.
The little village with around 600 inhabitants is beautifully situated close to the famous tablelands of the Gros Morne National Park. Many of us took the opportunity to explore the area on shorter and longer hikes while enjoying the stunning autumn colours. A real highlight were certainly the characteristic red leaves of the maple trees. Gros Morne National Park was designated a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1987 for its “exceptional natural beauty” and “outstanding examples representing major stages of earth’s history”. One of these examples is represented by the tablelands, which form one of the best and most accessible pieces of exposed earth mantel material in the world.
The park is also home for a variety of animals and at the entrance we were advertised by a signpost that this is bear land. Very exciting! - but the chances to see one…not very promising. Instead, some of us were so lucky and caught the glimpse of a moose! Moose were introduced in 1904, originally two females and males. Today, the population consists of the considerable number of around 100,000 animals, which are causing quite a lot of damage to the vegetation.
A fascinating plant we find in the park is a carnivorous plant. It belongs to the “pitcher plants” and its leaves form cups filled with liquid. Insects are trapped and drown. However, the drowned insects are not consumed by the plant directly, but by the larvae of a special fly, that live inside the cups. The plant in turn lives on the excreta of the larvae – a real symbiosis.
After a morning of exploration, MS Fram sailed along the coastline in the afternoon and passengers could choose between lectures or just relaxing on deck or in the Observation Lounge.
The day was concluded with the famous MS Fram Crew Show presenting many hidden talents on board, including a group of Russian poll dancers.

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Whaling Day!

16th Century, Red Bay – the Capital of Whaling! Well, maybe not the capital, but certainly in those days one of the most important and largest of the at least 16 whaling stations along the seashore of the area.

In the only 300-souls-village we were surprised to find 3 beautifully set up exhibitions on whales and whaling. The skeleton of a big bowhead whale was on display and a ‘chalupa’, an old rowing boat used to hunt these big beasts. It was only a little longer than the mandibles of the whale lying next to it for a scale reference. All these items, together with the remains of four galleons, were found on the seafloor at Red Bay by underwater archaeologists.
Hard to believe that until the 1970s, nobody knew about all this history. Only then, British researcher Selma Barkham started to investigate in the Basque region of southern France and northern Spain old records of different types. She revealed the large-scale whale fishery carried out by the Basques in the 16th century in Canada (after they had exterminated the local right whale population in the Bay of Biscay) and it was only then that the different artefacts were discovered in Red Bay. Not only under water, but also a large cemetery of approximately 140 whalers was found on Saddle Island. Today, Red Bay’s collection is thought to be the best of its kind in the world.
Not surprisingly, many of us spent the day investigating the different museums. But the nice weather (again!) also invited for a hike on Saddle Island to which a shuttle service with the polar circle boats was set up. Others went on an even longer walk to up to Tracy Hill to have a wonderful view and some went on an excursion to Point Amour.