Friday 19 July 2013


As we woke up we found a calm and misty sea stable but with low visibility, which ensured us a soft ride through the sea, with basically no waves.  A few birds did follow us among them Fulmars and Kittiwakes and occasionally we saw some Guillemots in the water even do some of us saw a dolphin emerging on the side of the vessel. People got very relax and some reading and some eating their nut shells.

Right after lunch we did the rubber boot trial, that was for those persons that did not brought their own and thus to avoid to get wet during some of our landings. Later our guests went to some lectures and many participated in M.r Wang Chzn Ya, a master in Taoism where passengers were learning ways to relax the body. As the day progressed the fog was thicker and we had lesser visibility than in the morning.