Saturday, 5 October 2013

A calm sea day

Day 4 of our «migration south» we enjoyed the calm sea on our sailing from Hamburg towards Rouen. The toughest ones put on their warm clothes and sat on deck.

Others listened to one or even more of the 8 different lectures which were presented during the day by the expedition team. This was the opportunity to get to learn more about the seabirds in the North Atlantic, Impressionism, the viking woman Aud the Deepminded, the Cathedral of Rouen and about cartography. And of course: There were port-presentations in german, english and scandinavian. Rouen, here we come!

Our day at sea is soon coming to an end. Just now, at 9.00 p.m. we have passed the Strait of Dover.
This strait is at the narrowest part of the English Channel, marking the boundary between the Channel and the North Sea. The shortest distance across the strait is only 34 kilometres. If we had passed the strait during daytime, we might have seen the famous «White Cliffs of Dover». But, unfortunately, it is now really dark outside...