Thursday, 24 October 2013

This is it!

The slow progress on the open sea has a lesson to teach: You can't force things. You cannot go faster, you cannot change the weather, you cannot bring the wildlife to the surface. Other than with the Atlantic Games where a little more effort or concentration can get you somewhere, nature does not indulge those desires.

But all good things come to those who wait, who let go. You might want to see flying whales with all your heart - it won't happen. But if you are contented with what you've got, then things occur to you, suddenly there is a school of dolphins emerging next to you, or a booby catching a flying fish. And if not, then not… then it's just the crew performing a drill right in front of you.
Happiness comes from the moment's joy, and many relaxed faces are to be seen, out on deck in the fresh breeze of the day, entering the library with a good book in hand or the restaurant where a dashing meal is waiting.
Although today there is excitement mixed with it. Somewhat during the evening we will do it! The Equator lies dead ahead, distance getting smaller and smaller.
To stick to proper procedure, Captain Rune files a request to the local authorities to get permission to cross the line - the authority being King Neptune himself. So no phone call, but a message in a bottle, hurled into the marine mailbox, like in the good old days
After dark the position on the screen counts down like for a start of a rocket, and at 19:47:55 local time the ship's horn rumbles deeply three times. We have changed hemisphere. 
And again, who ever expected grand things to happen, a mighty bump or fireworks or mermaids jumping will get nothing out of it. 
But those with the open mind who are just letting things be - well, they might actually feel something happening inside, a significant moment turning into a smile of the heart.
Here we are now, heading for the Grand South.