Monday, 28 October 2013

North of Rio

This is a typical sunscreen-and-umbrella day. The morning is splendid, the desire to spend the time outside is only limited by the sheer force of the sun, hammering down on us.
So to get cooler, we go inside. Maybe to get smarter, too, as our ship's doctor Milixa gives a First-Aid course for everybody in the morning. Honestly, when was the last time you had one..?!
After lunch the next round of baking outside, then it is time for Navigation Officer Clyde's second round of nautical schooling on the bridge.
Towards the coffee/tea hour in the afternoon (this time with live piano music again), the weather starts to change, clouds are rolling in, temperature is dropping and the winds are picking up. And then the rain is breaking loose. Suddenly it is quite chilly in only shorts and a t-shirt. So, now you go inside in order to warm up.
It's all a matter of relativity.
Oh, and here are a few images from yesterday's Bingo night, which was great fun!