Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Reaching the shelf

Still bumpy, this morning, although there is no wind to speak of. It's an old, mature swell, coming from afar, that keeps us pitching a little. But nobody really minds, be it in the lecture hall, in the restaurant - or on the car deck, where we finished up with the boot disinfection. Thanks again to the brave brushing squad!! Now the boots can really go into the shelf, ready for Antarctica.
Speaking of which: During the day we spot numerous oil rigs, drilling ships, tender ships, and everything that makes an oil play an oil play. This is a clear sign that we have left the deep sea environment and climbed up onto the continental shelf of South America. This is where Brazil makes most of its money (nasty tongues also say, this is where the money comes from that bought Brazil the world soccer championship…).
Already we are really having the first feeling of getting close to our destination. The remaining works are done with swift determination, the ship has to be in prime shape. All seats in the lecture theaters get a wet cleaning, all cabins are brought to perfection, and in the board shop our Hotel Manager Else Kristine and Expedition Leader Karin are proving themselves as fine decorators for our new line of outdoor clothing. Shelf discipline...
Well, but towards the evening duty is done, and all are looking forward to the finals of the Atlantic Games and the famous AMAZING RACE, where 6 teams (the members held together with a long rope!) roam the ship with different tasks. Great fun!
And let's not forget: Tomorrow is Halloween! So the decoration (in Bong's case a coffin made of cardboard) has to be "field tested"...